7 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India (November 2022)

(Last Updated On: November 30, 2022)

Looking for the best robot vacuum cleaner in India? You should read this buying guide to make an informed decision. Now a typical robot vacuum cleaner comes with multiple features, but you should be aware of what is your exact expectation and what features you should look for before making a purchase decision.

We have tested multiple robot vacuum cleaners from Popular brands,  in our office for their overall cleaning effectiveness, suction power, LDS Map, Collison, and fall protection features from stairs and tables to come up with a detailed article on some of the best robot vacuum cleaners in India.

Now, If you’ve been searching for robot vacuum cleaners, you know that there are a fair number of them available on the market. A quick Google search will show you how more and more brands and models are popping up each day. As an end-user, it can get a bit confusing to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner that meets all your needs and requirement.

Now, before we deep dive into individual Product reviews, let me quickly share our best Robot vacuum, cleaner recommendations.

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What is a Robot Vacuum Cleaner and how does it work

Robot vacuum cleaners are autonomous vacuum cleaners that can navigate on their own using LIDAR technology, and identify dirt areas to clean dirt, dust, and pet hair from floors in your home. These modern robot vacuum cleaners can sweep, vacuum, mop, and scrubs automatically according to the schedule you set and the type of your home surface.

Some of the Robot vacuums use spinning brushes to reach tight corners. Other designs are made for hard floors only, with pads to clean and buff the floor as they move. Robot vacuums can be controlled by a device or trigger commands through voice activation (e.g., Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant).

They are equipped with optical sensors, which help them identify large objects at a certain distance and divert from them, in order to avoid contact and possible damage to both the furniture of the house and the device. These are the best examples of how far we have come in innovation and making the best use of technology leveraging AI and machine learning.

These are the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners India 2022

1. Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner India- Review: Best robot vacuum cleaner India

Mi Pop is the Best Robot vacuum cleaner in India and is certainly built to last long and comes with all the required feature required by a typical Indian household. At this price point, we found that it checks all the boxes for a typical Indian household.


The best part about this robot vacuum cleaner is Mop Functionality meaning it can be used for both Wet and Dry Cleaning, which is one of the most desirable features for the majority of us Indians.


  • I really liked its strong Suction power of 2100 Pa to easily remove all the fine and medium size dust particulates
  • It has a great battery back up up to 130 minutes thanks to a 3200mAh battery
  • Easily integrates with the Mi Home app, which has a great user interface to plan and schedule, prepare routes such as virtual walls for all your cleaning routine
  • I really liked its Mopping feature which means you can set up Various modes such only Mopping, Sweeping and mopping, and sweeping only
  • We found that its LDS Laser Navigation system is one of the most accurate and gives real-time map of your house and helps navigate all the obstacles
  • You can set different patterns such as S and Y Pattern to cover a large are


  • Price is on the higher side for comparable features from other brands

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2. Eureka Forbes Robo Vac n Mop Review- Best Indian Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brand

This vacuum cleaner is the latest offering from Eureka Forbes and one of the requested features such as Remote control for cleaning a particular specific area and Mopping functionality to handle dust and accidental spillages of water or tea etc.



  • We like the remote control that came with this, you can literally have an exact precise control if you want a certain spot to be cleaned via remote
  • I liked its 2400 mAh battery, and on average it lasted for 90 mins once full charged
  • It has an auto dock charging feature means it automatically returns to the charging dock in case of low battery
  • Comes with a Thermal cut off mechanism which ensures the vacuum is switched off for customer and product safety
  • It has a Smart scheduling function that allows you to set the start time of the vacuum at your convenience
  • Comes with many cleaning modes such as Spiral cleaning, Random Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and Spot Cleaning
  • Its unique multi-surface compatible cleaning system for  cleaning  all surface types such as Carpets, wooden, Marble Floors


  • The instruction Booklet is not clear and in some places, demos might not be available immediately

3. iRobot Roomba i7+ (i755020) Robot Vacuum Review –Best Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum Cleaner India

I would keep this robot vacuum cleaner from iRobot as one of the best recommendations in the Premium Segment. If your budget is more than Rs 40000 and wants to buy a self-emptying Robo vacuum cleaner, this robot vacuum cleaner should be on your watchlist.

Coming to the brand iRobot is one of the oldest brands in the world with expertise in robotic machinery. The company claims they have around 30 million household robots over a period of time.

One of the selling points is its auto empty feature which means you don’t need to manually empty it once cleaning is done.


  • Comes with the Auto empty feature which means you don’t need to worry about the daily chore of emptying it daily
  • It has a great quality allergen lock bag that can trap 99% of allergen and does not allow any leak
  • It has cutting-edge map tech which means precise navigation across your rooms and halls
  • Easily connects with Google Assistant and Alexa which allows you to have Voice interaction and commands
  • It learns your cleaning habits over a period of time to give you smart suggestions and recommendations
  • Features the Multi-Surface Brushes which can be adjusted automatically to be in close contact with different floor surfaces, and keeps cleaning carpets and hard floors efficiently.
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  • As I mentioned it’s only for people willing to spend more than 40-50K on the robot vacuum cleaner

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4. Eufy by Anker, RoboVac G30 Hybrid, 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum, Mop and Sweep

Best Robot vacuum cleaner India for  Thickness and height for getting inside low gaps such as beneath Sofas

Buy from Anker is another top brand when it comes to Vacuum cleaners and other home appliances. Eufy is known across the world for its innovative and smart lifestyle products.

This Vacuum is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for perfect control using Voice assistants and mobile apps


  • This robot vacuum cleaner from Eufy has a really slim profile with a just 2.85-inch thickness which means it can easily glide under furniture and into hard-to-reach areas.
  • It comes with both reusable and disposable mop clothes meaning you don’t need to worry about washing mop cloth after every clean cycle
  • The G30’s Path Tracking Sensor ensures that the hybrid is always taking the most efficient route to clean each room, whether on carpet or hard flooring.
  • RoboVac uses “drop-sensing technology” to avoid falling down steps and from ledges.
  • You always get a cleaning report of where and when Robo cleaning your space for intuitive clean history


  • Customers are complaining of suction power, It claims suction Power of 2000 pa which does not translate into the real world.

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5. Inalsa Robot Vacuum Cleaner Homeland Gyro- 4in1 Function review- Best Battery Capacity

Inalsa is one of the growing home appliance brands in India and they manufacture right from Juicers, Air fryers, and hand blenders to Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaners. This vacuum cleaner is good for small households and does not require long-running.


  • This robot vacuum cleaner has 7 types of cleaning modes that can be implemented as per the surface type and your cleaning need
  • Great elegant design which will attract many buyers
  • Easy and smooth App Control for scheduling start and stop timing
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google assistant incase you want Voice control


  • The suction power of 1800 Pa may not be enough for everyone

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ILIFE A10s Dry & Wet Lidar Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Laser Navigation

This robot vacuum cleaner from Ilife is apt for Indian households that to its Wet and dry mopping capability. This Robo vac is ideal for both hard floors and carpet floors thanks to powerful motors. If your budget is around 20K INR this can be on your watchlist, however, this also has some cons which we will discuss below paragraphs.


  • Comes with intelligent i-move tech for calculating and arriving at the best path for the robot based on room cleaning condition
  • It has a powerful BLDC storm motor to create powerful suction for both hard floors as well carpet floors
  • It has a button embedded on the robot’s top surface for occasional manual control
  • Comes with different cleaning modes such as Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, Max mode
  • It has a comparatively larger dustbin size if you require  a larger dustbag


  • Check if the latest model has wifi and app support

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7. ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This robotic vacuum cleaner from Deebot comes with an impressive 2300 pa suction power. It has a sizable 520ml dust tank, the DEEBOT 500 can go longer between emptying the tank, meaning it can clean a larger home in fewer passes.


  • The Deebot 500 is a 3-stage cleaning system that uses side brushes, the main brush, and a vacuum to lift, loosen and suction dirt to clean your floor.
  • It comes with a quality free mobile App so that you can schedule and monitor the cleaning process.
  • The automatic self-charging dock gives you a hassle-free clean without having to worry about the battery draining in between.
  • Comes with advanced sensors which can detect an area that needs extra care, it will enter into Max Mode to give you precise cleaning on those hard-to-clean spots.


  • Does not have an alarm to indicate the dirtbag is full

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Buying Guide

Important Features to Consider Before Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

In this comprehensive guide of information about these appliances, we’ll go over some important factors to consider before buying your own machine

To reach the conclusion of the best vacuum robot, our analysis was based on the following questions:

1. Dirt storage capacity and Filter Type

This is one of the critical factors considering we in India have a lot of dust, pollen, and other types of pollutants. Regarding the filter, it is important that it be HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) and not of the HEPA type, which means that they must trap all particles equal to or greater than 0.3 microns in diameter with 99.97% effectiveness according to established standards.

2. Suction Power of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The essence of a vacuum cleaner, whatever the type, is its ability to trap dirt through suction and leave it confined in its tank so that it not only removes hair, dirt, and dirt in general but also captures and retains dust and other microparticles. Thus, we not only achieve a “macroscopic” cleaning, but if the vacuum cleaner is powerful enough and has a high-efficiency filter, we can also minimize the effect of allergens, something highly recommended for people with respiratory problems.

3. Available Programming and Schedules in Robot Vacuum Cleaner

You can set the best time for this cleaning robot to clean your home. For instance, you can set it to clean while you’re working so that it won’t disturb your day.

For your own convenience, you can schedule the robot to clean when you’re at work. You’ll come home to a fresh-smelling house!

4. Virtual wall feature

Useful for those who want to delimit the area to be worked. Once the robot has scanned your home and they have a map available, you can select the area in the mobile app where you don’t want your robot to go, such as the bathrooms, etc. It essentially creates a barrier for the robot vacuum cleaner.

5. Battery life of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A robot vacuum needs to have a strong battery life since it will be doing hard work sucking up the dirt for hours every week. Most of the models in our review have the same battery life range of about 90 minutes to 2 hours.

The battery life of a robot vacuum cleaner is expressed in more than one parameter. First, look at how long it takes to charge. Second is the number of times it will clean before needing a charge again. Longer cleaning cycles mean your robot vacuum spends more time out of the charging station and doing its job

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Your typical battery should last you at least 2 years of service. It is the backbone of vacuum cleaners as we know the frequent charge and discharge cycle reduces battery life. We suggest going with a Lithium-ion battery with at least 24 months of warranty.

7. Mop Functionality | Wet and Dry functionality

One of the important steps to buying a robot vacuum is to have an idea of what you want from it. If your house has tiled floors, get a robot vacuum that comes with mop functionality. These Robo vacs come with a mop cloth attached and a small water tank. As a user you can select different cleaning modes such as Mop+ Sweeping or only Sweeping and the robot will perform the task as per user selection.

If you have mostly wood floors or carpets, look for a machine that works great on Carpets. Always go with a vacuum with mop functionality considering Indian households as we don’t find our home clean enough without a wet mop.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands in India

Buying a robot vacuum cleaner online in India can be really confusing thanks to multiple brands flooding the market. You really have to do some due diligence before buying the best one. Here are currently the best robot vacuum cleaner brands in India.

Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner

Mi robot comes from the house Xiaomi. It is a well-established electronic brand in India and has a loyal customer base. Xiaomi is known for bringing some revolutionaries and cutting-edge technology products to India. Apart from manufacturing phones, they have lines of consumer electronics products such as televisions, water purifier, Air purifiers, etc.

Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes is one of the best electronics consumer brands in India. They are known in almost all Indian households for their water purifiers and Vacuum cleaner Products.

Robot Vacuum cleaners are the latest addition to their Vacuum cleaner product lineup and are giving tough competition to the likes of Xiaomi and other brands. Customers rely on Eureka Forbes for their great customer and after-sales service.


Inalsa is one of the fastest-growing consumer brands in India. They have now almost a product in each segment be it a food processor, hand blenders, mixer grinder, Air Fryer, etc. Their robot Vacuum cleaner is popular on amazon and comes with a mop and sweep functionality.


iRobot is one of the oldest brands in consumer robot technology. They have some of  Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India in  various mid and top-of-the-line robot Vacuum cleaners segments. The price of iRobot starts from Rs 18000 and goes till Rs 150,000. Their premium series robot such as S7 and S9 comes with a self-emptying or auto dirt disposal feature.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Faqs

1. Smart Features of a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • Programmable cleaning: You can schedule the time as per convenience and a robot vacuum cleaner will start the cleaning as per the set time. Most of the family program to start cleaning when are asleep so that when they wake up, they have a clean house to start the day.
  • Drop/fall sensor: With its sensors at the bottom, it identifies when you have a certain height ahead, thus avoiding tipping over the device. This feature is useful when you have stairs in your house and you don’t want your vacuum cleaner to flip over.
  • Lightweight and compact: Most brands are no more than 50cm in circumference and the weight tends to be much lower than ordinary vacuum cleaners.

In case you are looking for a Cordless Stick handheld vacuum cleaner, you can read our detailed article on the Best Cordless Vacuum cleaners in India for the best recommendations.

2. Will a Robot Vacuum cleaner be suitable for my home?

I would like to mention that majority of robot vacuums are suitable for hard floors and perfectly match typical Indian household requirements. If your home has floors that need to be mopped at the same time, we recommend you to look for a robot vacuum with a mop function is recommended.

Hard floors are roughly defined as laminate, parquet, and tiles. Robot vacuum cleaners are capable of removing dust and dirt effortlessly. If the aspiration is enough for you, you have no restrictions to be aware of.

3. Is Robot Vacuum Cleaner Good for Carpet and Pet Hair

The robot vacuum cleaner comes with multiple features, some of them are good for hard floors whiles others are good at mopping as well. Modern Robot vacuum cleaners have high suction power and are good for carpets. Always read the instruction and reviews of how well it performs on hard floors and on carpet.

We recommend that If you have multiple carpets and own a pet you should look for a robot vacuum cleaner that has more suction power and is ideal for Pets and carpets. If you suffer from allergies, make sure you get one which as HEPA filter.

4. Price of Robotic Vacuum cleaner in India

The price of Robotic vacuum cleaners in India varies with different brands and features. In my opinion, you should not spend more than Rs 25000 on robot vacuum cleaners. However, there are robot vacuum cleaners that are priced around Rs 50,000 and even up to Rs 100,000 and more.

You can get a good quality vacuum cleaner in ranges of Rs 15000 to 25000. for this article, we will restrict the analysis to devices with a cost considered medium/low. There are automated vacuum cleaners with prices of up to INR 100000 but for their high cost, citing them will not be the intention of this analysis.

5. Is a robot vacuum good for Indian homes?

Robot Vacuum Cleaner can be the best thing you can ever invest in doing daily house cleaning. It will definitely cut your dependency on housemaids. Most of today’s brands come with both Wet and Dry Cleaning Options which are really made for Indian households

6. What are Robot Vacuums with wet and dry or mop functionality in India?

7. Best Features to look for in Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Some of the top features you should look for in the best robot vacuum cleaner are:

  • Availability of Dry and Wet Cleaning
  • Fast Charging
  • Longer battery
  • Suction Power should be greater than 2000 Pa
  • If you can spend more, look for an auto waste disposal mechanism

8. Can Robot Vacuum Cleaners remove pet Hair?

Yes, all robot vacuum cleaners are good to remove pet hairs, in fact, some of them are specifically designed for pet owners. When you make that purchase decision, make sure you check this functionality in case you own some pets.

Final Thought on Robot Vacuum Cleaners

I hope this article will help you choose your first or next robot vacuum cleaner. Robot vacuum cleaners are going to be the next big thing in terms of home appliances and sooner we will see many big Electronic Giants such as LG and Samsung will enter this market, especially in India. They still have a Robot Vacuum cleaner but a bit costly for the Price-sensitive Indian Market.

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