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(Last Updated On: November 27, 2022)

Buying a home safe locker is no small decision. It involves a lot of thought and planning. You have to choose the right size, pick the right style, decide between a key lock and a combination lock, and balance your budget with your needs. If you’re looking into buying a home safe locker, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered!

Home safe lockers are designed to protect your most valuable items from theft, fire, and other damage. These safes generally come with a high-quality locking mechanism, such as a keypad or fingerprint scanner. Because you will store items in a home safe locker for which you cannot afford to lose the contents, it’s important to choose a model that can withstand theft attempts. In addition, a good home-safe locker will be fireproof and waterproof.

Whether you’re looking for a large capacity safe or one small enough to tuck away under the bed, our buying guide will help you consider all of your options so you can find the right combination of features and size for your needs.

What is a home safe locker?

A home safe locker is basically a box that protects your valuables from theft, fire, water damage, and more. These safes come in many different sizes and styles and can be placed just about anywhere in the house — often under beds or inside closets — so they are not obvious to thieves. They usually have multiple locking mechanisms such as keypads or fingerprint scanners that prevent unauthorized access when the owner is away from home (or even during an active burglary)

These are the best locker brands in India

1. Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro Digital Electronic Safe – Best locker for home

Safest and Trusted best locker for home

Godrej Security Solutions is one of the most popular and trusted brands in India when it comes to security solutions. Their safe lockers are extremely durable and come with a plethora of features that make them perfect for your home or office. The prices vary depending on the size of the locker and the features. You can choose from electronic as well as mechanical lockers as per your convenience and preference.

If you’re looking for the best safe locker brand, look no further than Godrej. It comes with unibody construction and heavy-duty, hardened steel construction with stainless steel SS304 grade motorized bolts, you can rest easy knowing your valuables are protected.

The safe is operated by a 4-6 digit password using the numeric keypad and comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and hardware for floor and wall mounting.

Safes from [Brand Name] have a one-year warranty. The auto-lock feature will freeze the safe after four consecutive incorrect passcode entries and prevents a possible threat. The override key helps to manually unlock the safe in emergencies such as drained batteries or forgotten passwords.

2. AmazonBasics best locker for home

Popular choice for best locker for home

We really liked this programmable home safe from Amazon basic. It is perfect for keeping valuables like jewelry and important documents out of mischief-making hands.

It has an electronic keypad to ensure secure, easy operation and a backup key for emergency use.

Amazon basic Locker has an electronic keypad that is easy to operate, as well as a backup key for emergencies. Its construction is a heavy-duty  8-gauge steel door and a 14-gauge steel body.

The best part is it comes with pre-drilled holes for mounting on the wall or the floor. This product comes with DIY instructions so you can assemble it yourself at home.

3. Yale Standard Home Electronic locker for home

Budget friendly best locker for home

The Yale Standard Home Electronic Safe Locker provides total peace of mind. The safe comes with two anti-saw locking bolts (16mm) and a steel body for protection against all attacks. It has a net weight of 8 Kg and a volume of 9 liters.

The steel construction with the carpeted floor will protect your valuables from scratches and damage. A Pre-drilled hole feature will allow you to securely mount the safe to floors, walls, or most hard surfaces for additional security.

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The Incorrect Entry Alarm feature is included where inputting the incorrect code 4 times will sound an internal alarm for 3 minutes and lockout the code pad for that time. A Manual override can be used during an alarm.

Features include:

  • Simple to operate digital keypad with LCD display
  • Programmable combination of 3 to 8 digits
  • Uses 4 AA size batteries (1.5V). In case of battery failure, the safe can be operated with a manual override function with 2 security override keys supplied

4. Ozone Safety Solutions locker for home

Smartest best locker for home

The Ozone 40 Liter Home Electronic Safe Locker is a home safe that keeps your valuables safe and sound!

Store your important documents, jewelry, money, and more in this safe. It’s got 24 months’ worth of warranty coverage starting from the date of purchase.

We really like the Fingerprint operation while using this safe. It can also be operated by a password, or with a combination of a fingerprint and user PIN which can be of 3-8 digits. Multiple fingerprint ID registers up to 19 fingerprints. With up to 19 fingerprints stored in the system, the whole family can use it.

If you ever forget your PIN number, don’t worry! This safe has a high-security emergency key that’s there to bail you out in such situations.

It also has a touch-screen digital panel to give you convenience and familiarity. The number buttons are spaced far apart so there’s no re-entering of PIN code or overlapping of digits!

Keep in mind that 3 consecutive incorrect PIN attempts result in the activation of an alarm – a 10-second beep sound, a great way to know if someone is manually trying to use a password combination.

5. SToK ST-ES1723 Small Electronic Safe/Safe Locker

Most Economical best locker for home

This mini safe is perfect for protecting all the things you really care about, whether it’s heirlooms, jewelry, documents, or just your favorite stapler.

The safe is made of solid cold-rolled steel sheet and is 2 mm thick. The door is 4 mm thick. Its dimensions are [specific dimensions]. It weighs [the weight] (approximately).

It has a digital locking mechanism with a 3-8 digit code. If an incorrect code is entered 3 times in a row, the safe locks up for 3 minutes before it can be opened again.

It comes with 2 emergency override keys and 4 AA batteries (not included) to power the digital panel.

The floor of the safe is carpeted to protect against scratches and damage.

Where to place your safe

This is one of the critical aspects which comes through everyone’s mind that where to eep your home locker.

Find a place that’s out of sight, but easy to get to. This way, your valuables are protected from intruders and also easy for you to access at any time. Consider where your portable home safe will be in relationship to other safes around the house—perhaps this is where you’ll keep cash handy for last-minute expenses or smaller items like passports or jewelry that can be easily lost or stolen.

Consider how you’ll use your safe. If you plan on using a small home safe mostly for storing cash, then find somewhere near an entryway or exit where this money would be used frequently (like by the door when leaving for work). If you’re looking for a portable home safe mostly to store important documents (like birth certificates), then find a spot near an office area or room where these documents would frequently be accessed.

You could hide the safe in a closet with clothes draped over the front and no one would ever know it was there, but then you may forget where you put it and have a hard time finding it when needed. In that case, consider stashing less valuable items inside the hidden safe while placing the bigger items in an easier-to-access safe.

What types of safes are available

If you’ve made the decision to buy a safe, or if you’re at least considering it as an option for protecting your valuables, it’s important to make sure that you understand what options are available. There are several types of safes out there and they aren’t all created equal.

The most obvious reason for having a safe is to make sure that your valuables are protected from burglary. No one wants to be in the situation where their home has been broken into, but if it does happen, it’s a horrible feeling knowing that whoever broke in got away with some of your personal possessions.

The second reason for having a safe is protection from fire damage. This can be even more devastating than burglary because there isn’t much else left after the fire has ravaged a house or building. A good quality safe should offer some level of protection from this type of damage as well as theft

Home Safe Locker Buying Guide

How to choose the right size safe

When choosing the size of a safe, consider who will be putting things in and taking them out. Children often have trouble manipulating large or heavy items, so a small safe for storing valuables would be your best bet if you have kids at home. You’ll also need to think about what you’re going to store in the safe and how much space you have to work with. A fireproof chest may not be as spacious as a large security cabinet, but both offer adequate storage space and are excellent choices for any need.

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Check Material Used in Home Safe Locker

If you want something that will keep your valuables safe, steel is the way to go. As stated before, most safes are made of some type of steel because it is the most versatile and effective material. It has been used for thousands of years and is still incorporated in many construction efforts despite advances in technology.

Steel is available in different grades and thicknesses. The thickness of a good safe should be at least 1/4-inch thick to deter thieves from breaking or prying into it. Steel also is resistant to fire, water and impact so your items will be protected from these external factors as well as criminals. In addition to its resilience, steel comes in a variety of patterns making it easy for you to find one that matches your decor or other household items.

Get Fire resistance and burglary-resistance

  • Fire-resistance: This isn’t nearly as straightforward as it first appears. In fact, there are a dizzying number of ways to measure fire resistance in safes, and most of the terms they use can be misleading at best. There’s one consistent method though: UL 72 Standard Ratings (UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories). Safes are tested by an independent lab that exposes them to heat over a period of time to see how well they hold up. The shorter that time is, the more robust you can assume the safe will be if your house does catch on fire.
  • Burglary resistance: Safe manufacturers also have their own standards for burglary resistance, which generally means how long it takes a thief to crack into the safe. Again, safes are tested by an independent lab with specially designed tools—this time by attempting entry after various lengths of time.

Consider Water-resistance

A waterproof safe has a seal that is designed to resist water and moisture. These safes are great for people who live in flood-prone areas, or they can be used to help protect the contents of a home safe from fires.

A fireproof safe is designed to withstand high temperatures for a certain period of time. This can be useful if you keep any valuables in your home safe, or if you want to make sure that your guns are protected from damage due to fire.

Combination waterproof and fireproof gun safes: If you want the best protection possible, then consider purchasing a combination waterproof and fireproof safe. These offer the best protection from fires, floods, and other types of disasters.

Plan for a Digital Locker

Digital Lockers are the most popular type of lock on home safes today. A digital lock features a keypad that lets you enter your own personal four-digit code. You can change that code as many times as you like just make sure you remember the new number.

If, however, you forget the new number, there is an override key that allows access to the safe. Digital locks are easy to use and reliable. They also allow quick access to your valuables in an emergency, which is great if a burglar breaks into your house and starts taking things from your safe. Some modern-day Locker for home comes with Finger Print Scanner as well as GPS so that you always know where your locker is and if someone has tried to force open it through phone notification.

Check for Unibody Construction in a safe locker

The safe locker should be made of unibody construction. This is a type of car-making technique that uses a single metal structure to form the body and skin. Safe are either made from unibody or body on frame technique. Unibody-made safe lockers are lighter in weight and thus easier to move around. It also makes them sturdier as they offer better structural integrity than the other type. If you do not want to compromise on strength and ease of use, you should opt for a safe locker with unibody construction.

Final Thought on Best Locker Brand for Home India

I will conclude this best locker for home guide by saying that a home locker is a must for almost every home owner, but deciding on the right locker for your home can be a bit challenging. There are many different kinds of lockers available in the market today and each one has its own set of pros and cons. It is important to know what you need before you go shopping for one.

I hope that this guide will help you make that perfect decision.

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