Best Gear Cycles Under 10000 | Gear Cycle Price Below 10000

By | September 30, 2018

The Best Gear Cycles Under 10000 Rupees – Best Bicycle Under 10000, Best Cycle Under 10000 in India, Best Bicycle in India under 10000

Seeking for how to get the best gear cycle under 10000 rupees? But you don’t know where to start, how to pick the right one, which brands to choose, etc..? If these questions come to your mind, you must check the following details in order to make final decision properly. Here, in this post, we’ll share some of the best bicycles for adults. We have spent time researching information, analyzing details, and gathering data, then provide you full reviews which can help you have basic knowledge on how to make right choice. Below is 10 best gear cycle under 10000.

Choosing the best bicycle can be the tough and confusing task. In other words, purchasing a budget bike can be generally more difficult. You have to research the product well else you will spend a lot of time and money maintaining the same. It’s always recommended that you must choose cycles which fulfill your requirements.

The reviews of each bike will cover quality, price as well as feature like suspension, gear etc. All products selected are geared cycles priced below 10000 for Adults.

In this post, we are going to show you the 10 best bicycles under Rs. 10,000 that you can buy online in India.

These come with the best features, performance, and design. There are various types of cycles available in the market like Road Bicycles, Mountain Bikes, Hybrid Bicycles, etc..

Before checking the list of products, you should have a look at the following important factors in order to know which gear cyles that fit your needs and requirement.

Frames: Manufacturers often use aluminium, steel, alloy (titanium), fiber, etc…as materials made for frames. Lightweight and durable frames usually come from aluminium feature while heavy and tough frames often come from steel feature. The titanium and fiber are more always expensive than the other ones.

Brakes: These parts are designed to stop moving or reduce the speed of bike. There are three famous types of breaks available in market: Rim Break, Disk Break, and Drum Break.

The other factors such as price, comfortability, quality, and reviews can also tell you about the best gear cyles to go after.

Gears: These parts help you to adjust the speed of cycle. You can shift gears with your hands easily, but it depends on the manufacturers.

Top best gear cycles under 10000 rupees:

1> Hero SDTB26BKBL02 Octane DTB V3 Speed Bicycle, 26-inch (Black/Blue)

This brand “hero” is one of the most popular brands in India. It is delivered in Semi-Assembled condition with around 85% assembled status. Buyers will have to assemble the gear before use it. Allen Key and Spanner are given in box for installation.

Buyers can return the product in case of being defective or damaged.


– This bike is best suited for Adults, especially, Men. It is recommended that Minium Rider Height should be 5.8 feet, and Maximum Rider Height should be 6.2 feet.

– The frond brake and rear brake are caliper brakes. It has stand, but there is no feature of Mudguard, trainer wheel, carrier, chain cover, lock, horn/bell, and front/rear reflectors.

– This bike doesn’t include batteries in package.

Technical Details:

– This bike has tire size of 19 inches while the wheel-size is around 26 inches. The speed of gear is 21 while the number of speeds is around 21 so speed rating is 21. The brand of the bike is Hero with black/blue color. It has dual/rigid suspension. This type is kind of cycling. The material of frame is aluminium with the size of frame is 19 inches.

– The type of brake is Disc

2> Mach City Ibike 7 Speed 26″ (Matt Black)

This brand is one of the most famous cycles in India. It is a good product at affordable price like below Rs. 10000. It is ideal for bikers who are looking for goal of 10 to 15 kilometres per day. This cycle has various colors: Blue, Grey, Black, White, and Red.


– This bike is designed with steel frame so the weight of frame is light. The frame height is 19″. It has ridig fork made from steel.

– Bikers can feel comfortable when the bike has thermoplastic rubber grips. The saddle is designed with comfortable foam.

– The handle bar is made of steel to provide bikers comfortable feelings. The chainwheel is type of 44T Cotterless with 17 cm crank. The rear derailleur has 7 speed Shimano RD TZ40 with direct mount.

Technical Details

– Batteries are not included in package when being purchased. The brand is Mach City which has black color. The type of brake is direct pull.

– This bike has the wheel-size with 26 inches. The speed rating is 7. It has rigid suspension. This type is kind of cycling. The material of frame is steel with the size of frame is 19 inches.

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